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The Thyroid: over & under - hyper and hypo? - tired or cold? - active or healing?


Gained a bit of weight? Experienced a lot of stress? Were you told that your thyroid wasn't working "fast enough"? Always feeling cold? Not so sure that taking your temperature will do any good? Told by your GP that Wilson's Disease is about copper metabolism and don't be silly, it's in your head! Well, it's in your throat and in your perceptions. And here follows some ideas and concepts - for educational purposes only, of course.

Generally, the underlying issue with a slow thyroid can be multi-fold. It may be about not being fast enough to grab the "information piece/morsel" or “being able to grb or grasp important pieces of information” or “a piece of something that is required just cannot be grasped intellectually”. We have moved past the caveman's need to be primarily focussed on obtaining that “morsel” of food as being the only important “morsel” type to need to take control of. How we operate in our environment in this present time, is much wider by definition and what we endeavor to grasp is just as important for our survival - such as the contractual details, useful ideas and practical understandings of things.

One side of the thyroid is not being able to be fast enough in grabbing or taking up this desired or perceived-to-be-needed “morsel”, feeling that one is too slow. An example might be that a salesperson consistently loses out on making a deal or sale as a competitor always seems to be a tad quicker at getting the client(s) or deals or being too slow in the understanding of an issue / concept / paradigm while studying or cramming for an exam or while doing stressdful research. Or not being able to grasp the content of an important seminar(s) or piece of learning and feeling in our gut that we just aren’t fast enough at grasping.

The other side of the thyroid is affected when there is an issue around not getting rid of something we have "digested", or a “morsel of information”, not quickly enough. Not speaking up at an important moment and getting the words out in a fruitful manner, or inserting a thought / item / contribution in a timely manner - again this could be leaving one feeling too slow, too lat and unsustained. This could even be a case of not selling some items such as shares / stocks / investments when the market was just right - and then “experiencing” subjectively, of course, the results of slowness, and acting "after the fact", causing one to have less. Basically, the conflict is of not being able to spit it out or get it out fast enough.

The above are very real, albeit subjective, thoughts and feelings, creating their own tensions, shocks and turmoils that can cause an active phase of creating cell some plus by the thyroid to help it out - more cells = more action - instantly. A natural biological program is initiated automaticaly by our body, allowing extra cells to help out, to give us more digestive juices, to ratchet it up a notch or two, so we can grab faster and digest that "morsel" better and/or spit it out faster.

So, during this active phase (conflict / issue is being fully experienced and not yet resolved) there are more cells of this endodermic tissue of the thyroid produced to help out. One doesn’t feel anything - no pain, no coughing, etc - maybe a bit more pep and vigor as all systems are on alert and help out - maybe some temperature changes - some sleeplessness - middle of the night awakenings - and those cold hands and feet.

When the issues or conflicts are resolved - the striving is no more and no more time is wasted on the conundrum and one feels that the whole grabbing or getting rid of the “morsel” business in a timely manner happens normally again and is of no concern and one is just fine with how things are, then one automatically goes into the healing phase. Those extra cells, that were helping us during our time of need, are now deemed redundant by our body. Then they are gently and unnoticeably removed by nature.

The extra tissue is removed by bacteria (yes, they have had a bad rap but are sometimes very useful, too) and fungus (also gets a bad rep and can also serve a valuable function), and remove the temporary extra tissue - a very natural biological procedure that happens more often than we noticed - mentioned here for educational purposes only... of course...

So, the thyroid cells that were created to enhance the thyroid’s functioning during the “stressed” and challenging, active time are naturally decreased / gobbled up / eliminated by mycotoxins and fungus in this healing phase. In the healing process a tiny minute bit of extra thyroid tissue is removed as well. That occasional extra bit of tissue that is removed, is not an issue. Over the years this will be experienced in each of us differently.

The thyroid knows naturally how to be active and at it's best. When it is stressed it may receive a minute hormonal nudge from the pituitary (parts per million). Now the pituitary is told when to do the nudging with a hormonal nudge from the master conductor, the hypothalamus. When severe stress (PTSD, deep depression, deep grief, etc) is experienced, the hypothalamus and pituitary can have a few of the glandualr areas lock-down, diminish their effectiveness or act less responsibly... and be less alert and lively. So with the nudging a little thin, the thyroid is not getting the signalling as forcibly as it may need.

These are the two important elements that give the thyroid gland its possible slowness.

And now what to do?

The present day tests tell us if the thyroid gland is sluggish by the TSH test. The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone tells us if the tyhroid has been nudged. if that pituitary nudging hormone is found then we have proof! But what if the pituitary is having a bad year? Then the nudging is lower and falsely the thyroid looks un-nudged and okay. What if the hypothalamus is not signalling the pituitary and what if both the hypothalamus AND the pituitary are under the weather? Then the nudging is less and the thyroid looks "a liitle low"...  we'll keep our eye on it... blah, blah, blah, etc... Think of a person going through the grief of losing a beloved parent, being fired from a very necessary job and being wrapped up in a divorce with legal action. Yet the thyroid TSH test could come back as "okay".  At the same time, we need to know what pressure the adrenals are exerting, too.
So I'd take this TSH thyroid test with a grain of salt!

With proper live blood analysis one can see how healthy the thyroid itself is. Live blood nalysis cannot help with pinpointing the pituitary or hypothalamus state of activeness. But when these two (and possibly their friend the adrenals) are sluggish then we know that the thyrpid hormone is not as absorbed at the cellualr level. The thyrpid puts out about a teaspoon of hormonal fluid in a year!

Each part-per-million of thyroid hormone circulates to each cell in our body to assist with the metabolism of/with the mitochondria and depending on whose work you follow, it means that the thyroid hormone has to help anywhere from 64 to about 200 little mitochondrial furnaces in trillions of cells all of the time - 24 / 7. When all is well, then the T3 hormone is welcomed and the cell works at optimum. If the poor body that the cell is in is sr=tressed, then some of that T3 is turned back from the cell as RT3 (I call it Rejected T3). When Reverse T3 occurs, then less is going into the furnaces of the body's cells and a slightly lower body temperature ensues. This is easy to measure - a proper old-fashioned, shake-down mouth thermometer under the tongue for three minutes with one's mouth very sealed and closed. The body temperature says it all. Now one can see how well the other "stress" organs are allowing the thyroid hormone to work it's magic at the cellular level. A brilliant Dr Wilson has written his work up in a very easy-to-ready and comprehend fashion at and the specific explanation for patients is at You'll have to do the reading and not leave it up to your GP. If you are unlucky, like me, you'll get two rolling eyeballs and the pronouncement that the TSH test is just fine and the pharmaceutical interventions are just fine and Wilson's Disease is a copper metabolism problem and unrelated.

So beware - there's a big difference between Wilson's Disease and Wilson's Syndrome. There is a also a big difference between the pharmaceuticals that replace the hormones (and render the thyroid asleep) that the thyroid uses as opposed to the natural supplements created to boost and heal an ailing thyroid. 

A wonderful little tidbit - pregnancy tends to normalize and revitalize the hypothalamus and pituitary - when nothing else can! After pregnancy, the thyroid is known to be in much better shape - as the stimulating hormones are available again and can be effective.

When we have temperature readings that are low from out proper shake-down oral thermometers - below 98.8*F or 37*C then the explanation at have answers. Live Blood Analysis will add the state of your adrenals to the picture. Desiccated thyroid and adrenal hormone supplements will make a big difference to your energy. A tiny amount of pottasium iodide may be called for, too. T and T4 supplementation may also be called for. Armour's contained all of these elements and are now only available in the USA. Health Canada in it's wisdom has forbidden it (much to the joy of the synthetic thyroid pharmaceutical company's pleasure, no doubt). So now it comes into the country as "Thyroid" which works for now but is as strange as getting a supplement for diabetes called "pancreas"... one wonders...

Slower thyroids are sometimes seen as a function of aging (slower means slightly less hormone and/or a lower basal body temperature). This can be so - as we age we experience / accumulate life's adventures, stuggles and stresses, even huge ones.

Over a lifetime, these stresses can add up and if the active (unresolved times) and healing phases (resolved times) occur often, then the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals can signal slowdown. When the thyroid needs to go through active and healing phases of grasping "morsels" and "spitting them out" like expressin and getting the storey out... then the thyroid goes through cycles of creatinng extra, helpful tissue, and removing tissue with each healing phase (and a bit more) - this can add up - little by little.
In the end, less thyroid tissue creates less thyroid hormone - and will be seen as a thyroid needing some supplementation. When this problem is severe, it is then called Hashimotos.

But we can see how different this is to having the other organs be unhappy and creating a low body temperture.

When the active and passive phases are infrequent over the years, then a bit of eroded tissue is not at all a need for medication - some extra natural supplementation can allow the ever so slightly less able thyroid to still function well. When well supported - kelp, atomidine, potassium iodide, Lugol's iodine (my personal opinion and shared only for educational reasons, of course) are the first items to use. Then natural glandular support is good to follow with.

Dr. Chris Lowthert, chiropractor, explains all of the above very succinctly:

"According to the New Medicine paradigm known as German New Medicine (see my previous blogs) what western medicine calls "disease" is clearly articulated as a biological program that is run by our very own innate intelligence in order to process shock conflicts that originate in the psyche, physically "register" in an area in the brain that corresponds with the nature of the conflict and which in turn manifests in the body at a location (typically an organ) that is controlled by that part of the brain. This way life (and death) events that appear too difficult to instantly accept get translated into biological events that the body is designed to process over time. This "translation" from the psyche to body in a sense "buys time" for the possibility of resolving the conflict.

"In the context of our evolution, the thyroid gland developed with the digestive system. This is evident today by the understanding that the thyroid gland was once an exocrine gland that excreted its hormones into the intestine. The digestive system derived from the endoderm germ layer, therefore, during the conflict active phase you will have tumor growth. The related biological conflict is related to a 'morsel'. The right side/'wing' of the thyroid is 'not being fast enough to "catch" a morsel'. The left side/wing of the gland is 'not being fast enough to "get rid of" the morsel.' Increased thyroid tissue in the conflict active phase will increase the organism's metabolism and this is the biological purpose of the thyroid tumor. The organism will experience hyperthyroidism. Once the conflict is resolved, the additional thyroid tissue is decomposed by the tuberculosis bacteria. If the organism stays in a hanging healing phase, they will develop hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Disease.

"The thyroid ducts are derived from the ectoderm germ layer. Therefore, ulceration of the ducts will take place during the conflict active phase. The biological conflict of feeling powerless. 'My hands are tied. There is nothing I can do about the situation', 'something should be urgently done and nobody is doing anything about it!', 'I feel helpless.' The biological purpose of the widening of the duct is to allow more thyroxine to be delivered to the bloodstream to help the organism gain control by increasing the metabolism. Once the conflict is resolved, the organism moves into the healing phase and the ulcers are replenished. Thyroid cysts or tumors will be formed.

"As you can begin to see, the changes that take place at the organ level have important biological meanings that help the organism survive the unexpected biological conflict."

by Dr. Christopher Lowthert, DC, German New Medicine® Practitioner and Teacher

Some people, diagnosed with Hashimotos are not needing lifetime supplementation at all and just proper support during the healing phase. They should have been left alone and given time to sort out how not to activate the thyroid into overdrive again and again and again and to see if there are any emotional and habitual “tracts” that need healing help.
Some Hashimoto “sufferers” have both alternating hyper and hypo thyroid. Just like that, we are told! And why? There must be a weird little extra-terrestrial in there turning little knobs on and off! So someone with a need to make cell plus during a conflict can already have some encapslated cells on board and this will register as over active (temporarily) with existing "tumours" (read encapsulated calcified cell plus) on tests.
As we know, it has also been difficult for orthodox medicine to sort out what a real hypo thyroid. Now we can see this has been a mixed blessing.

All of this applies to the TISSUE of the thyroid gland. The tubuals inside the thyroid, the ducts, as opposed to the glandular tissues, are a different challenge and can be seen with symptoms such as goiters.

Merrie Bakker - 604-261-7742 - - live blood analysis, Ozone/Oxygen, Detox

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